Picture of the historical society building


Our Building – The Beginning. Sealed bids will be received up to 12pm on the 3rd day of May, 1898, for the furnishing of all material and labor for a two-story brick dwelling for Jesse H. Dowell. Plans and specifications can be seen at the office of P. J. Loney, architect.” so states the local newspaper.

List of the property transfers beginning in 1887

  1. William Crow to Jesse H. Dowell & F. P. Dowell January 17, 1887 (Lots 1 & 2)
  2. Frank P. Dowell and wife to Arthur G. Dowell October 7, 1905 (Lot 1, Block 4, Original Plat)
  3. Arthur G. Dowell and wife to Ruth Werber May 3, 1915
  4. Ruth Werber to Arthur G. Dowell and wife May 3,1915
  5. Ida F. Crooks (was formerly Ida F. Dowell) to John Burns December 4, 1919
  6. John Burns to Minta Fon Cannon August 4, 1942
  7. Minta Fon Cannon to M. L. Goodnight August 10, 1946
  8. M. L. Goodnight to L. B. Pursley and wife November 26, 1947
  9. L. B. Pursley to R. L. Baugher February 16, 1951
  10. Raymond L. Baugher to Wm. R. Ward November 8, 1962
  11. Wm. R. Ward and wife to Gerald Valentine and wife August 1, 1972
  12. Gerald L. Valentine et ux to Blackford County Historical Society November 8, 1976

The building was purchased in 1976 by the Blackford County Historical Society. It is now the home of the Blackford County Historical Society, the Blackford County Museum, and the Cecil Beeson Genealogy Library.

Sinuard Castelo, President
Michele Risinger, Treasurer
Judy Sodders, Secretary

Board Members:
Shelbie Markley
Marvin Miller
Michael O. Tabor
Dick Tarr
Jane Winder

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